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The Clarion online

Issue 10, 2013

Editor Christina Lindqvist




I am pleased to publish a new issue of The Clarion, issue 10. In this issue, there are two pieces which are directly related to the Eurosla conferences. First, Mike Sharwood Smith, who has been a member ever since the start of Eurosla, tells us about his impressions of this year's conference, Eurosla 23, in Amsterdam. He also reflects upon the development of the conferences over the years. Next year's conference will take place in York in the beginning of September. In this issue of The Clarion, the organisers provide some information about Eurosla 24.  

I hope you enjoy reading The Clarion. If you have any comments on the contents, or ideas for contributions for coming issues, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Follow the links to read the contributions:

Mike Sharwood Smith's impressions of Eurosla 23

Welcome to Eurosla 24 in York


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