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The Clarion online

Issue 7, 2010

Editor Christina Lindqvist




Finally, here is a new issue of The Clarion, just in time before the end of the year 2010. This is the first issue of The Clarion that I edit. I am happy to take over after David Singleton, who edited the newsletter from its first online issue in 2004 to the latest issue in 2009. In the present issue, PhD student and teacher Ana Bradicic reports on the situation of SLA in Croatia. Then, Magdalena Wrembel shares with us her impressions of the latest Eurosla conference in Reggio Emilia. You can also see some photos from the conference, following the link below. Many thanks to everybody who sent me their photos! Finally, Camilla Bardel and Fanny Forsberg Lundell tell us a bit about next year’s Eurosla conference, which will take place in Stockholm in September. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of The Clarion. If you have any comments on the contents, or ideas for contributions for coming issues, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Follow the links to read the contributions:


SLA in Croatia from the perspective of a teacher and PhD student

by Ana Bradicic


Impressions of Eurosla 20

by Magdalena Wrembel


Welcome to Stockholm in 2011

by Camilla Bardel and Fanny Forsberg Lundell


Follow this link to see photos from the Eurosla conference in Reggio Emilia


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