Language Learning Roundtable Conference Programme

Language Learning Round Table at EuroSLA27 (Reading, 2017) on Nativelike Attainment in Second Language Acquisition

The Board of Directors of Language Learning is pleased to announce the continuation of the Language Learning Roundtable Conference Program. Applications are invited, worldwide, for funding small roundtable conferences, organized around a topic of significant current interest and resulting in a position paper, which should be jointly submitted (i) to Language Learning for consideration for publication following the customary review process and (ii) to the Board of Directors of Language Learning for whom it will serve as an end-of-grant report. It is the intent of the Board of Directors to encourage small groups of senior investigators to get together for a day or two to discuss in depth a topic currently central to their field and to chart the course for its immediate future. The model for this is the 1998 Language Learning Jubilee Conference and the ensuing Jubilee Volume (Language Learning 48:4).

Applications, in free form, are to be submitted by a convener, who will assume responsibility for organizing the conference and for the subsequent submission of the conference report to Language Learning. Applications are to include a description of the proposed project, its rationale, a brief review of the relevant recent literature, the names of the participants, their curricula vitae, and their agreement to attend the conference. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the significance of the proposed topic, the list of suggested participants, and a review of the abstracts submitted as part of the application. Since the grant will be made to the convener’s institution, it is required that the appropriate university authority sign off on the application. Conveners are encouraged to seek matching funds from their home institution.

Applications should be submitted electronically to the undersigned. Deadline for applications is January 1. Decisions about funding are made in April of the same year.

Alister H. Cumming
Executive Director