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Eurosla Monographs Series, 2




Eurosla Monographs 2 cover


Edited by Camilla Bardel, Christina Lindqvist and Batia Laufer

Eurosla Monographs Series, 2 (2013).

 ISBN 978-1-300-88407-1




This book is intended for researchers and students in the field of second language (L2) acquisition. As its title suggests, the book discusses L2 vocabulary acquisition, knowledge and use, and examines them from the perspectives of assessment and corpus analysis. The chapters also address some additional central research issues: the role of word frequency in the input, the difference between single words and multi-word units, and the distinction between vocabulary of oral and written language. The first three chapters of the book present critical reviews of different aspects of vocabulary acquisition. The other four chapters contain empirical studies that relate to the central themes of the book. The data in the studies draw on a variety of source and target languages: English, French, Italian, Swedish, Hebrew and Japanese. The book offers some new insights into the field of vocabulary and suggests avenues of research.



Table of contents

Camilla Bardel,Christina Lindqvist and Batia Laufer

Looking at L2 vocabulary knowledge dimensions from an assessment perspective – Challenges and potential solutions
Henrik Gyllstad

Research on L2 learners’ collocational competence and development – A progress report
Birgit Henriksen

Measuring the contribution of vocabulary knowledge to proficiency in the four skills
James Milton

Frequency 2.0: Incorporating homoforms and multiword units into pedagogical frequency lists
Tom Cobb

A new approach to measuring lexical sophistication in L2 oral production
Christina Lindqvist, Anna Gudmundson and Camilla Bardel

Lexical properties in the writing of L2 learners over eight years of study: Single words and collocations
Tamar Levitzky-Aviad and Batia Laufer

Automatic extraction of L2 criterial lexico-grammatical features across pseudo-longitudinal learner corpora: Using edit distance and variability-based neighbour clustering
Yukio Tono

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The Authors 2013. Published under the Creative Commons "Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 3.0" license


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L2 vocabulary acquisition, knowledge and use: New perspectives on assessment and corpus analysis