Distinguished scholar award

Since 2014, EuroSLA annually presents a distinguished scholar award to an individual for outstanding scholarship and contribution to the field of second language research, especially in a European context.

Rosamond Mitchell and Florence Myles, joint DSA winners 2021

In 2021, a double EuroSLA Distinguished Award was presented to Professors Florence Myles and Rosamond Mitchell, celebrating both their respective contributions to the field and the impact of their long-standing collaborative work.

Watch Florence’s acceptance speech.

Read Rosamond’s thank-you letter.

Marianne Gullberg, EuroSLA Distinguished Scholar 2019

At EuroSLA 2019 in Lund, the Distinguished Scholar Award was presented to Professor Marianne Gullberg for her groundbreaking work on the cognitive neuroscience of bilingualism, in particularly on gesturing.



Florence Myles, Jan Hulstijn and Danijela Trenkic

The recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Scholar Award was Jan Hulstijn for his contribution to research in Second Language Acquisition.

Read Jan’s acceptance speech.



Mike Sharwood Smith with former EuroSLA president Danijela Trenkic

In 2017, the Distinguished Scholar Award went to Professor Michael Sharwood Smith, an exceptional researcher in bilingual language development and one of the founding members of EuroSLA.



Carmen Muñoz, EuroSLA Distinguished Scholar 2016

In 2016, the Distinguished Scholar Award was presented to Professor Carmen Munoz, an outstanding researcher in multilingualism and second language learning, and a long-standing member of EuroSLA who has inspired many PhD students and early-career researches.




David Singleton being presented with the EuroSLA Distinguished Scholar Award by former presidents Florence Myles and Jean-Marc Dewaele
David Singleton, EuroSLA Distinguished Scholar 2015

In 2015, the distinguished scholar award went to David Singleton, past president  and long-standing member of the association. The award was presented by former presidents Florence Myles and Jean-Marc Dewaele.



Prof. Vivian Cook, EuroSLA Distinguished Scholar 2014

The first EuroSLA distinguished scholar award was unanimously voted to go to Vivian Cook, EuroSLA founder and first president.