Student Stipends

At the Eurosla Committee meeting in Dublin 2005, the Executive Committee decided that the association should grant a number of stipends to students who have had papers accepted and who can show that they do not have sufficient funding to attend the conference without the stipend. The details regarding the number of stipends and the sum awarded are negociated between the local organisers and the EC committee depending on the budget situation of the association. Once that is settled, the stipends and call for applications should be announced at the same time as the call for papers.

The Call for Applications should contain the following:

  1. a CV
  2. Eurosla membership status
  3. Type and title of presentation
  4. An official document confirming student status
  5. A document showing that the student could not receive full funding support for attending the conference

If applicants have problems producing documents (especially of type 5) at the time of application, they can submit those at a later date, as long as it is before the start of the conference.

The evaluation of the applications involves:

  1. Checking that the applicants fulfill the main criteria for support (being a student, having a presentation accepted, evidence showing that they had no or insufficient support from other parties).
  2. Ranking applications based on the abstract ratings.

The stipends are typically paid by electronic bank transfer. The names of the stipend winners are announced at the AGM.

For a list of previous winners of this grant (since 2012), please click here.