Yearbook 12, 2012

The papers published in the Eurosla Yearbook 12 are now accessible.
Please use the following reference when citing papers from this volume:

Roberts, L., Lindqvist, C., Bardel, C. & Abrahamsson, N. (Eds.).
(2012) EUROSLA Yearbook 2012. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.




Silvina A. Montrul: Is the heritage language like a second language?

Patrizia Giuliano:Contrasted and maintained information in a narrative task: Analysis of texts in English and Italian as L1s and L2s

Wei Ren:Pragmatic development in Chinese speakers’ L2 English refusals

Martin Howard: On the relationship between sociolinguistic and grammatical development: A longitudinal case-study of L2 French

Katarzyna Ożańska-Ponikwia and Jean-Marc Dewaele: Personality and L2 use: The advantage of being openminded and self-confident in an immigration context

Els Schoonjans: A contextual perspective on oral L2 fluency

Marije C. Michel, Folkert Kuiken and Ineke Vedder:Task complexity and interaction: (Combined) effects on task-based performance in Dutch as a second language

Christie Brien and Laura L. Sabourin: Second language effects on ambiguity resolution in the first language