Call for proposal for EuroSLA Workshop grants, deadline 31.10.2017

Programme Outline

The European Second Language Association (EuroSLA) Workshop Grant Programme is intended to provide limited financial assistance to support workshop events organised within Europe by association members in the field of second language research. The aim of the funding is to facilitate small-scale events that would not otherwise happen, rather than to subsidise conferences or symposia. The workshop event will specifically focus on an innovative theme in second language research, with a view to providing new perspectives on that thematic issue. The workshop event is envisaged as a crucial opportunity to facilitate interaction and future collaboration between participants on the topic who might otherwise not have the opportunity to engage in such collaborative dialogue.

The maximum amount of funding available in each year will be up to €1,000, based on competitive assessment of eligible applications received in advance of the deadline. The financial assistance received should be duly acknowledged at the workshop website and materials, as well as in any publications arising out of the event.

Following the event, the workshop organiser(s) will be required to submit a report which should include a summary of the event, including its outcomes and how the EuroSLA award was spent (template provided), to be notified to the AGM and posted on the EuroSLA website.

Payment will be made after the event on submission of the report.


Application procedure

The application form is available on the EuroSLA website at Applications should be made by the workshop organiser(s) and submitted by email in advance of the deadline of 31 October 2017 to Roger Gilabert, email: Applications should include a copy of the call for papers.


Applications will be restricted to EuroSLA members in good standing in the year in which the application is made in respect of a workshop to take place in Europe during 2018. Previous recipients cannot apply in the two immediate rounds following the award of their grant. The workshop event should include active participation by a number of researchers, and therefore excludes one-off guest lectures. Applications in support of workshops hosted by other learned associations are not eligible. Acknowledgement of the funding support received from EuroSLA must be made in the workshop materials, website and any resulting publications. Late or incomplete applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Assessment criteria

Applications are restricted to the field of second language research, and will be assessed in relation to the overall quality of the application, the innovative nature of the workshop theme within contemporary second language research, the potential for the participation of and presentations by other speakers in the event, opportunities to involve early-career research, and the outcomes of the event in terms of its potential to drive future research and/or impact in the area, to facilitate future collaboration between participants and to lead to a publication arising from the event.

Further information

Please contact: Roger Gilabert