EuroSLA Executive Committee Elections 2023

The next EUROSLA Executive Committee elections will be held during our Conference in Birmingham, UK 2023. Our constitution states that ‘officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for two years, and the tenure of executive officers shall be maximally two terms’. The present Executive Committee was elected two years ago in Barcelona, and nominations are therefore invited now for all positions.   

The composition of the executive committee is: President, 2 Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, 3 Ordinary members and an Early Career Researcher (ECR) Representative (  

Any member of EUROSLA in good standing with the Association for the current year as well as the previous year is eligible to nominate someone, or to be nominated as a candidate for election. Nominations should include a short paragraph suggesting why that person would be good to have on the executive committee, and must also be accompanied by a statement to the effect that the nominee in question has agreed to let his/her name go forward. 

If the number of nominations received exceeds the number of positions available, an election by secret ballot will take place during the Annual General Meeting in Birmingham.  

The nomination deadline closes 24 hours before the Annual General Meeting (to be held on the Friday evening of the Conference). Nominations should be emailed to Aline Godfroid ( as Secretary of the Executive Committee.  You can also contact Aline if you have any queries about what the Executive Committee work involves.