Open Accessible Summaries In Language Studies (OASIS)

We are very pleased to introduce OASIS, an online database of one-page summaries of peer-reviewed studies on language learning, language teaching, and multilingualism, written in non-technical language.

Research findings often do not reach the people who could benefit from them, as journal articles can be hidden behind paywalls and are frequently written in highly technical language. OASIS aims to make research into language learning, language teaching, and multilingualism physically and conceptually available to a wide audience.

What OASIS offers

  • We currently have over 250 summaries online and we are adding new ones every week.
  • The OASIS database is fully searchable. Users can browse by category (for example, language being learnt or topic) or use the search function to find summaries relevant for them.
  • OASIS is supported by key journals in the field of language learning and teaching, including Language Learning, TESOL Quarterly, and The Modern Language Journal (find the full list of supporting journals on our website), some of which are now requiring all authors of new articles coming out to write an accessible summary of their work.

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Write your own summary!

The summaries currently available on our website have been elicited by participating journals or written by the OASIS team. However, anyone can send in OASIS summaries of their peer-reviewed articles published in SSCI indexed journals. OASIS summaries are actively being used to inform professional development programmes as resources for discussion, reflection and awareness-raising, as well as to seed the creation of actual classroom resources. In addition, OASIS is supported by a number of professional organisations and we thus have a wide reach.

If you have published work that is particularly relevant for teachers, teacher educators, parents, policy makers, or other interested parties outside of academia, please consider writing your own OASIS summary. OASIS guidelines and summary writing tips are available on our help page. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at