Three new volumes of EuroSLA Studies!

The editors of EuroSLA Studies, Gabriele Pallotti, Amanda Edmonds and Ineke Vedder, are happy and proud to announce the release of three new volumes of the EuroSLA book series: Volume 2, a single-authored study by Jacopo Saturno (‘Utterance structure in initial L2 acquisition’), and Volume 3 and 4, co-edited by respectively Camilla Bardel and Laura Sánchez (‘Third-Language Acquisition: Age, proficiency and multilingualism’), and Amanda Edmonds, Pascale Leclercq and Aarnes Gudmestad (‘Interpreting Language Learning data’).

The three open-access volumes, published in collaboration with Language Science Press, are available on the website of the Publisher (

The EuroSLA Studies series, continuing the former EuroSLA Monographs, covers all aspects of second language acquisition research and its interfaces with related domains, such as theoretical and applied linguistics, first language acquisition, multilingualism, language teaching and assessment. All contributions undergo a thorough double-blind review process. We welcome all submissions (single-author and edited volumes) by members and non-members from any country in Europe and elsewhere.

Best wishes,

Gabriele Pallotti (series editor)

Amanda Edmonds and Ineke Vedder (associate editors)