Call for book chapters

Contributions are invited for an edited volume on
The Englishisation of Education in Europe in Public Discourses:  Critical Discourse Approaches
 to be submitted to

Benjamins book series: Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture

The teaching of English in Europe, and delivery of entire University programmes in English, have seen unprecedented acceleration since the Bologna declaration in 1999; a phenomenon that has received much scholarly attention (e.g. Doiz et al., 2012) and continues to offer rich ground for conceptual debate (Phillipson, 2006).
At secondary school level, English as a foreign language increasingly displaces other L2s in many European countries (e.g. Erling & Hilgendorf, 2006); at primary level, the teaching of English has become the norm across much of Europe (Enever 2011). Nonetheless, the penetration of English varies enormously among EU countries, leading many to express concerns over the educational disbenefits of the ‘English frenzy’.
Few studies (e.g. Gnutzman et al. 2012) have examined how learners themselves experience these phenomena; fewer still have asked how Englishisation is perceived by the general public, and debated in public.
For this reason,  an edited volume on public discourses of the Englishisation of education in Europe is proposed. Chapter proposals for studies carrying out a Discourse Analysis (any CD method) of public discourses debating Englishisation of education in any EU country are welcome. Such discourses may include, for instance:
  • (commercial) news
    • printed media (using Nexis)
    • online media
    • TV and radio media
  • social media discourse
  • political speeches
  • parliamentary debates
Topics may include second language teaching, immersion, CLIC, English medium teaching, and may address education at any level (pre-school, primary, secondary or HE level). Contributions from debates in any EU country are welcome.
Doiz, A., Lasagabaster, D., & Sierra, J. M. (Eds.). (2012). English-medium instruction at universities: Global challenges. Multilingual matters.
Enever, J. (2011). ELLiE. Early language learning in Europe.
Erling, E. J., & Hilgendorf, S. K. (2006). Language policies in the context of German higher education. Language Policy5(3), 267-293.
Gnutzmann, C., Jakisch, J., Koenders, J., & Rabe, F. (2012). Englisch als Verkehrssprache in Europa–identitätsstiftendes Medium für junge Europäer?.FLuL–Fremdsprachen Lehren und Lernen41(2).
Nikolov, M. (Ed.). (2009). Early learning of modern foreign languages: Processes and outcomes (Vol. 38). Multilingual Matters.
Phillipson, R. (2006). English, a cuckoo in the European higher education nest of languages?. European Journal of English Studies10(01), 13-32.
Chapter proposals
A chapter proposal should be approximately 1000 words in length. The proposal should report original research. Priority will be given to empirical papers. All proposals should include
  • the title
  • aims of the chapter
  • the theoretical framework
  • data and methods of analysis
  • tentative conclusions
  • references
  • author: full name, contact details (including postal), affiliation
Chapter proposal deadline: 30 April 2016
Notification of acceptance:30  May 2016
First draft of full chapter:     30 August 2016