Interdisciplinary perspectives on code-switching: Call for papers

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Code-Switching
University of Cambridge, 3rd-4th October 2016

Main speakers:
Margaret Deuchar (University of Cambridge)
David Green (University College London)
Guillaume Thierry (Bangor University)

Research on code-switching was the province of specialists in linguistics alone in the latter part of the twentieth century, and is still a valuable source of insights into the human language faculty. However, it has relatively recently attracted the attention of researchers in psycholinguistics and neuroscience because of its promise to throwlight not only on how the brain manages two or more potentially competing languages, but also on how the brain itself may adapt to the demands of this process.
The goal of this workshop will be to introduce researchers to this rapidly developing field and to allow those at the cutting edge to present their findings. In addition to state-of-the-art talks by specialists working in linguistics, psychology and neuroscience, abstracts are invited from researchers working on code-switching from one of these three perspectives.

Abstract submission:
Anonymous abstracts for 20-minute papers should be no longer than 300 words
including references and should be submitted via the following website:
Key dates:
Deadline for abstract submission: 30th April 2016
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 1st July 2016
Conference dates: 3rd-4th October 2016
Conference organisers:
Magdalen Connolly
Margaret Deuchar
Draško Kašćelan
Isabelle Lorge
Esther-Miriam Wagner
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