EuroSLA Constitution

The name of the Association shall be the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA)

Aims and Activities
The Association seeks to further within Europe and on a multidisciplinary basis research into the acquisition, use, and processing of language in situations where more than one language is involved (for ease of reference SLA)

To this end it will:
I. gather and disseminate information among SLA researchers in Europe;
II. promote co-operation and the pooling of resources;
III. further training for SLA research at all academic levels;
IV. create broader awareness of the problems and benefits of multilingual learning and use;
V. form a body of expert opinion and matters to do with SLA;
VI. establish and maintain contacts with other bodies with related interest;
VII. organise and sponsor conferences and meetings on a regular basis

Membership shall be on an individual basis and shall cost an amount to be agreed annually by the Executive Committee subject to local and ad hoc arrangements.

The Committee of the Association
The governing body of the Association shall consist of an Executive Committee made up of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, three elected members, one elected student member *, and up to two co-opted members. Officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for two years, and the tenure of executive officers shall be maximally two terms.

(*student member eligible if currently enrolled on a doctoral programme)

The editors of the Association’s website and social media, the Association’s Journal (JESLA), and the Association’s Book Series (EuroSLA Studies), who shall be appointed by the Executive Committee, shall attend Executive Committee meetings on an ex officio basis.

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Association shall take place during the annual conference. Elections for vacant offices and ordinary executive committee membership shall take place at the annual meeting. Any paid-up member may vote at annual meetings. Audited accounts shall be prepared annually by the Treasurer and shall be approved by the Annual meeting.

Amendments to the Constitution
Changes to the constitution may be made only at the annual meeting and shall require two-thirds consent.

Working Languages
In its meetings and publications the association shall promote, as far as is feasible, the multilingual dissemination and exchange of spoken and written information.

Dissolution of the Association
Should the Association be dissolved the funds held by the Association shall be allocated to an Association to be decided by the members. Such dissolution shall only take place with the consent of two-thirds of the membership at an Annual Meeting.

Wivenhoe House, Colchester, 26 November, 1989

(Last updated at the AGM in Lund, 30 August 2019)