Best article prize

Since 2013, the association has awarded an annual prize for the best article contributed to the EuroSLA Yearbook/JESLA, based on its originality and contribution to the field. The winner receives free attendance and dinner to one of the two next EuroSLA conferences.

2018: The JESLA Best Article Prize went to Simone E. Pfenninger  and Sabrina Polz, for their paper Foreign language learning in the third age: A pilot feasibility study on cognitive, socio-affective and linguistic drivers and benefits in relation to previous bilingualism of the learner

2017: The winners of the first prize for best article in JESLA are Jean-Marc Dewaele and Livia Dewaele, for their paper The dynamic interactions in foreign language classroom anxiety and foreign language enjoyment of pupils aged 12 to 18.

2016: The winner of the EuroSLA Yearbook prize is Yoshiyuki Nakata. The prize is presented for his paper ‘Promoting self-regulation through collaborative work: Insights from a multiple case study of foreign language learners’.

2015: The winner of the EuroSLA Yearbook prize is Bastien de Clercq. The prize is presented for his paper ‘The development of lexical complexity in second language acquisition’.

2014: The winner of the second EuroSLA Yearbook prize is Magali Paquot. The prize was awarded for ‘Cross-linguistic influence and formulaic language: recurrent word sequences in French learner writing’.

2013: The winner of the first EuroSLA Yearbook prize is Norbert Vanek. The prize was awarded for ‘Event linearization in advanced L2 user discourse: Evidence for language-specificity in the discourse of Czech and Hungarian learners of English’.