Best article prize

Since 2013, the association has awarded an annual prize for the best article contributed to the EuroSLA Yearbook/JESLA, based on its originality and contribution to the field. The winner receives free attendance and dinner to one of the two next EuroSLA conferences.

prize awarding ceremony
Marjolijn Verspoor and Audrey Rousse-Malpat receiving the prize from Clare Wright

2022: The best article prize was awarded to Audrey Rousse-Malpat, Rasmus Steinkrauss, Martijn Wieling and Marjolijn Verspoor for their paper Communicative language teaching: Structure-Based or Dynamic Usage-Based?




Amanda Edmonds (right) receiving the 2021 prize on behalf of her coauthors from Clare Wright, EuroSLA President

2021: The best article prize was awarded to Vladyslav Gilyuk, Amanda Edmonds and Elisa Sneed German for their paper  Exploring the evolution in oral fluency and productive vocabulary knowledge during a stay abroad


2020: The Best JESLA Article prize for 2020 went to Aarnes Gudmestad, Amanda Edmonds and Thomas Metzger for their paper Modeling variability in number marking in additional-language Spanish

Kristof Baten receiving the JESLA 2019 Award from Danijela Trenkic and Clare Wright

2019: The winners of the Best JESLA Article prize for 2019 were Kristof Baten and Frederik Cornillie for their paper Elicited imitation as a window into developmental stages.



2018: The JESLA Best Article Prize went to Simone E. Pfenninger  and Sabrina Polz, for their paper Foreign language learning in the third age: A pilot feasibility study on cognitive, socio-affective and linguistic drivers and benefits in relation to previous bilingualism of the learner

2017: The winners of the first prize for best article in JESLA are Jean-Marc Dewaele and Livia Dewaele, for their paper The dynamic interactions in foreign language classroom anxiety and foreign language enjoyment of pupils aged 12 to 18.

2016: The winner of the EuroSLA Yearbook prize is Yoshiyuki Nakata. The prize is presented for his paper ‘Promoting self-regulation through collaborative work: Insights from a multiple case study of foreign language learners’.

2015: The winner of the EuroSLA Yearbook prize is Bastien de Clercq. The prize is presented for his paper ‘The development of lexical complexity in second language acquisition’.

2014: The winner of the second EuroSLA Yearbook prize is Magali Paquot. The prize was awarded for ‘Cross-linguistic influence and formulaic language: recurrent word sequences in French learner writing’.

2013: The winner of the first EuroSLA Yearbook prize is Norbert Vanek. The prize was awarded for ‘Event linearization in advanced L2 user discourse: Evidence for language-specificity in the discourse of Czech and Hungarian learners of English’.