Newsletter Archive – The Clarion

Between 2000 and 2013, the EuroSLA membership newsletter The Clarion was published annually. From 2004, it was available as an electronic newsletter. The first editor of The Clarion (2000-2010) was David Singleton, from 2010 to 2013, it was edited by Christina Lindqvist. The Clarion has now been discontinued.

Issue 10: 2013

Issue 9: 2012

Issue 8: 2011

Issue 7: 2010

Issue 6: 2009

Issue 4/5: 2008

Issue 3: 2006

Issue 2: 2005

Issue 1: 2004

EuroSLA bulletin 1-1. This is an interesting historical document, edited by Mike Sharwood Smith. It contains (apart from commercial material by Foris, Dordrecht who produced it)  the first editorial, a copy of the constitution, an article by Paul Meara and calls for 2 EUROSLA meetings. Interestingly what would have been EUROSLA 1 scheduled to take place in a Polish castle fell through which is why the one in Salzburg had the honour of hosting the very first conference! (not counting the founding meeting in Colchester which wasn’t really a EUROSLA conference).
Cover EditorialCall for papers, EuroSLA 1