Bienvenue to Eurosla 25 ! Bienvenue à Aix-en-Provence!

From August 26 to August 29 2015, Aix-en-Provence and Université d’Aix-Marseille will play host to EuroSLA 25. Preparations are underway to make this silver jubilee conference a memorable and pleasant momen !

301 proposals for oral presentations have been received by the Conference organisers. 168 have been accepted. 53 proposals were submitted for the poster session and 31 have been accepted. 18 Ph.D students will participate in the Doctoral workshop. The Language Learning RoundTable on August 26, will be convened by Georges Daniel Véronique. It is devoted to « « Second Language Acquisition and Pidginization / Creolization: Processes and Models »., The conference will host three thematic colloquia on: “Language Typology in Second Language Acquisition Research : Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Considerations » (Luna Filipovic), « L2 acquisition of grammatical meaning and the language classroom » (Heather Marsden), « New approaches to cross-linguistic influence » (Rosa Alonso).

The five plenary speakers of the conference are Sandra Benazzo (Paris 8), Camilla Bardel (Stockholm University), Christine Dimroth (U. of Munster), Scott Jarvis (Ohio University) and Gabriele Pallotti (Modena & Reggio Emilia) (Conference website:

Eurosla 25 will be hosted by Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’homme [EmEmesa∫], 5 rue du Château de l’Horloge Aix, (+33) (0) 4 42 52 40 00). You can travel to the venue from the town centre by bus N° 8 (a 15 minutes ride). You may catch bus N° 8 at 2 bustops in the centre of town (– avenue Victor Hugo and boulevard de la République (bus stop Niollon). The bus stop for the venue is Pablo Picasso bus stop, close to MMSH.

It is probably nicer to rent a room in the centre of Aix and make your way to MMSH every morning by bus. This will enable you as Eric Kellerman wrote in Clarion after Eurosla 4 to “[…] discuss till deep in the night at any of the dozen pavement cafés that line the Cours Mirabeau”. Remember that they are dozens of cafés in Aix, I recommend those which are close to the town hall and la Place aux Herbes.

Don’t forget to book your hotel rooms in Aix early enough.

Nota bene: i) Registration on the website of the conference closes on July 18; ii) After that date, registration will be at the venue of the conference; iii) Registration for the conference dinner will take place at the venue of the conference and the fee for the dinner will be collected in cash.

The conference programme sounds exciting and the weather should be fine!
See you in Aix!