TESL Canada invites applications and nominations for the position of editor (or co-editors) of the TESL Canada Journal for a four year term beginning July 1, 2017. The successful applicant/team should be prepared to begin as Associate Editor(s) for a period of one year under the current Editor, Marian Rossiter, starting July 1, 2016 or shortly thereafter.
The TESL Canada Journal has been increasing steadily in national and international importance and prestige, and TESL Canada recognizes that the reputation of the profession relies on its success in disseminating research and best practices to its membership and beyond; therefore, the position is an honour for the successful applicant/team.
The editor oversees the review process for over 80 manuscripts per year (in some recent years, up to 112), including a pre-review (screening for suitability), sending the manuscripts out for review, editing accepted manuscripts, and making all editorial decisions for two issues a year. The editor also has responsibilities in writing grant applications to support the journal, and reporting to the TESL Canada Board through the Journal Advisor Committee at the AGM. The editor plays a leading role in identifying guest editors and topics for Special Issues, and provides support to the guest editors. The editor has some part time editorial assistance, and receives $2,000 to attend conferences each year to promote the journal.
The successful applicant/team should have a proven record of refereed publication, excellent communication skills in written correspondence, and the ability to communicate difficult publishing decisions with authority and tact. Preference will be given to applicants with relevant graduate qualifications. The editor(s) need to possess excellent English language skills, knowledge of research methodologies in second language teaching and research, familiarity with TESL in Canada, a broad knowledge of the discipline, interest in publishing, an eye for detail, and the ability to work as part of a team with the TESL Canada Board, the Journal Advisory Committee, the reviewers, and the authors.
For further information on TESL Canada and the TESL Canada Journal editors, please see www.tesl.ca. Applications and nominations should include a current CV, and a cover letter speaking to the applicant’s publishing philosophy, goals for the Journal, and qualifications for the position.
Send applications and nominations by 31 March, 2016 to
Sumana Barua, Executive Director
TESL Canada