4th Barcelona Summer School on Bilingualism and Multilingualism, September 14-17, Pompeu Fabra University

We are announcing the 4th Barcelona Summer School on Bilingualism and Multilingualism held September 14-17 at Pompeu Fabra University.

Date: 14-17 September 2015
Invited speakers and modules:
Lera Boroditsky (University of California, Santa Barbara):
How do the languages we speak shape the ways we think?

Annick de Houwer (University of Erfurt):
Studying the input in bilingual acquisition: methodological and theoretical considerations and implications

Istvan Kecskes (State University of New York, Albany):
How does bilingualism affect utterance production and interpretation?

Agnes Kovacs (Central European University):
Learning two languages in the crib: Cognitive effects of bilingualism in infancy

Maria Polinsky (Harvard University):
Learning from heritage languages

Abstract submission:
Now accepting papers for the Researchers’ Workshop, submission deadline: March 20th. See websites for details on submission process.