Call for participation: Eurosla Studies

Dear Eurosla community,

In order to continue to meet the goal of providing high-quality, open-access research in the field of SLA, Eurosla publishes a book series, Eurosla Studies, with Language Science Press ( We believe that it would be in the interest of the Series and of the Association to expand the team of collaborators involved in these publications. In particular, we’re looking for individuals who would be interested in fulfilling the following roles:

– Statistical advisors: We think that a researcher (or researchers) with expertise in statistics as applied to the language sciences would be an excellent addition to our team. This person (or people) would be consulted on manuscripts in order to ensure that the methodological choices with regards to quantitative analysis are in keeping with standards in the field.

– LaTeX formatters: Although authors are encouraged to submit their chapters using the LaTeX template provided by Language Science Press, there is often typesetting work left to be done before publication. If you are familiar with LaTeX and want to help us, we would love to collaborate with one or two people whose role would be to provide LaTeX formatting support to authors and editors.

– Proofreaders: Although all chapters are proofread by the series and volume editors, it would be helpful to have colleagues who would be willing to periodically provide support in the form of proofreading.

– Reviewers: To ensure that our volumes meet the highest scientific standards, it is essential that all chapters are reviewed by experts in the field, who can provide feedback to improving them and advise the editors about acceptance/rejection.

We hope that this call for participation will interest many of you. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the dedicated section in the Language Science Press website. And, of course, we encourage you to consider the Eurosla Studies as a publication venue for future projects.

Please send your replies to Amanda Edmonds at

We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,
Gabriele and Amanda