EuroSLA30 – One-day tickets and schedule

Dear colleagues,
We are happy to announce that the 30th European Second Language Association conference (EuroSLA 30) will take place online between June 30th 2021 and July 3rd 2021.
The conference is organized by the language acquisition research group GRAL ( at the University of Barcelona.
We would like to encourage you to join the whole conference, but you should also know that we have grouped second language acquisition papers that are highly relevant to teaching on Friday July 2nd. If you do not wish to come to the whole conference, you can choose the one-day ticket option at a much lower price. One-day tickets can be purchased the same day.
-Student (UB/non-UB): 50€
-Regular (UB/non-UB): 80€
*If you are a presenter you cannot make use of the one-day fee
You can check out the program here:
This program is still provisional as we wait on a few final confirmations.. We highly recommend you use the ‘expanded schedule’ view. You can click on the title of a session (e.g. Session 1A) to see the full abstracts for each paper.
If interested, you can create an account here:
And once inside you can check out the payment options which include one-day tickets.
We hope to see you at EuroSLA 30,
The EuroSLA 30 Conference Organizers