Proof readers for Eurosla Studies

Dear Eurosla community,

In collaboration with the volume editors, we are currently wrapping up work on a new Eurosla Studies Series volume, due out in 2018. We are writing because we are currently looking for a few colleagues who would be kind enough to take some of their time to do some proof-reading, ideally over the next few weeks. The chapters are all in good shape and have been gone over by several people, we would simply like for outside persons to do a last read-through of each chapter with a pair of fresh eyes. The volume in question is on contexts in language acquisition (study abroad, instructed learning, immersion classrooms).

If you would be willing to help with this, please contact us as quickly as possible.

Gabriele Pallotti, Amanda Edmonds

Eurosla Studies Series Editors

Amanda Edmonds <>

Gabriele PALLOTTI <>