SAVE THE DATE for EuroSLA30 – July 1-4th, 2020 in Barcelona!

EuroSLA30 next year will be 1-4th July 2020 in Barcelona, as agreed at the last AGM.

We look forward to enjoying the splendid surroundings of Barcelona’s historic city-centre university setting next year, but note the earlier date at the beginning of July. We have had EuroSLA conferences in July before, but not recently, so please be aware of the earlier date, and pass this on to others who may be thinking of applying.

Keep in mind that the call for papers will therefore also come earlier than usual, with a likely deadline for submission in December 2019. We’ll keep you regularly reminded, but do make a note now!

We expect the selection of papers for EuroSLA 29 this year in Lund to be announced soon. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Best wishes