Support Language Science Press

Dear Eurosla member,

As you may have heard, our Monographs series is now published under the name of Eurosla Studies by an independent open access publisher, Language Science Press. They asked us to contribute to their cause in a very simple way, to be able to make the case that the initiative has a wide support in the linguistic community. Minimally, you may simply add your name to the supporters’ list. It is also possible to volunteer for various chores, like proofreading, typesetting, or peer reviewing. There are currently 699 supporters, and they are aiming at 1000 or more. This is the registration address:

Please forward this message to your colleagues and students, if you like.

And, of course, don’t forget that the best way to support the open access cause is becoming the author of an open access book – with Eurosla Studies, for example.


Gabriele Pallotti

Eurosla Studies Series Editor