Interdisciplinary Symposiums on External and Internal Variables Affecting (Language) Learning Processes; Hildesheim (Germany), Jan 17th 2020

Human cognitive and linguistic development are intrinsically intertwined, and take place within a nested structure of contextual levels. This may include the level of the individual’s engagement with the social world, the level of social and institutional environments, the society, and even the broader cultural context which affects the normative belief systems and linguistic conventions of the social groups at large. All of these factors are considered crucial in understanding the processes which shape human development in general, and have been described as strong predictors for second language acquisition.

This symposium will bring together experts from psychology, sociology, psycholinguistics and the neurosciences. Its goal is to present and discuss varying perspectives on the interplay of these factors in human learning processes.


Adam Winsler (George Mason University, VA)

Julia Festman (Pedagogical University Tyrol, Innsbruck)

Jean-Marc Dewaele (University of London)

Thorsten Piske and Anja Steinlen (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Janna Teltemann (Hildesheim University)

Kristin Kersten (Hildesheim University)


Andreas Rohde (University of Cologne)

Werner Greve (Hildesheim University)






The interplay of cognitive, linguistic and instructional factors in early language acquisition

Kristin Kersten (Hildesheim University)


Becoming bilingual in Miami, USA: Predictors and outcomes of English acquisition for young dual language learners and children from immigrant families

Adam Winsler (George Mason University, VA)


Immigrant achievement gaps across countries – The role of family background and education systems

Janna Teltemann (Hildesheim University)


How far are we in understanding the influential variables in the bilingual advantage debate?

Julia Festman (Pedagogical University Tyrol, Innsbruck)


The dynamic interaction of external and internal variables in shaping learners’ classroom emotions

Jean-Marc Dewaele (University of London)


How and when does language background affect second language acquisition?

Thorsten Piske, Anja Steinlen (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)


Final Discussion

Discussants: Andreas Rohde (University of Cologne), Werner Greve (Hildesheim University)


Conference Dinner