JESLA 1 is out!

We are delighted to announce the inaugural issue of the Journal of the European Second Language Association – see the Table of Contents below, indicating the rich range of topics in contemporary second language research carried out by current and previous members of EuroSLA.
This first issue comprises eleven of the best papers originally presented at the annual EuroSLA conferences in 2016 (Jyväskylä, Finland), 2015 (Aix-en-Provence, France) and 2014 (York, UK).
Look out for calls for submission to future volumes, and meanwhile, please circulate this widely around colleagues and students who might be interested.
JESLA Issue (1) 2017 – Table Of Contents
Title: Incorrect inferences and contextual word learning in English as a second language
Author(s): Elgort, I.
Title: The dynamic interactions in foreign language classroom anxiety and foreign language enjoyment of pupils aged 12 to 18. A pseudo-longitudinal investigation
Author(s): Dewaele, J-M., & Dewaele, L.
Title: Bilingualism effects on L1 representation and processing of argument structure
Author(s) : Oliveira, C. S. F. de., Souza, R. A. de., & Oliveira, F. L. P. de.
Pages: 23–37. DOI:
Title: Acquiring antecedents for reflexives when both L1 and L2 permit long-distance binding
Author(s): Umeda, M., Takeda, K., Hirakawa, M., Fukuda, M., Hirakawa, Y., Matthews, J., & Snape, N.
Title: Examining the LLAMA aptitude tests
Author(s): Rogers, V., Meara, P., Barnett-Legh, T., Curry, C., & Davie, E.
Title: Processing collocations: Do native speakers and second language learners simultaneously access prefabricated patterns and each single word?
Author(s): Matsuno, K.
Title: On the interpretation of null arguments in L2 Japanese by European non-pro-drop and pro-drop language speakers
Author(s): Yamada, K., & Miyamoto, Y.
Title: Compound processing in second language acquisition of English.
Author(s): Uygun, S., & Gürel, A.
Pages: 90–101. DOI:
Title: Language and identity beyond the mainstream. Democratic and equity issues for and by whom, where, when and why.
Author(s): Bagga-Gupta, S.
Pages: 102–112. DOI:
Title: Tracking the early stages of child and adult comprehension of L2 morphosyntax: A pilot study
Author(s): Pili-Moss, D.
Pages: 113–125. DOI:
Title: The particular need for replication in the quantitative study of SLA: A case study of the mnemonic effect of assonance in collocations
Author(s): Lindstromberg, S., & Eyckmans, J.
Pages: 126–136. DOI: